Wisdent dentist clinic to spend a million dollars to introduce a variety of high-tech medical equipment.

Waterlase iplus All-Tissue Laser

Waterlase iPlus is a minimally invasive dental laser with expanded and enhanced capabilities to help you give your patients the best possible experience and give your practice an opportunity for practice growth. Waterlase iPlus includes SureFire™ YSGG Delivery System, the gold standard in ergonomics and clinical precision. Plus, the powerful REPAIR periodontal and peri-implantitis protocols are available as an app from the award-winning touch-screen user interface.

Diode laser

In the case of soft tissue surgery, the laser is used to manipulate gingivectomy to remove hyperproliferative gums, and the healing effect of laser cutting is faster than that of conventional blades and electric knives. The surgical area is clean. Can reduce the chance of infection due to blood. Reduce the mechanical trauma during surgery, often without need to stitch after surgery to reduce the degree of scar. Laser operation is easier to accept than traditional treatment, in many ways more rapid and efficient, more comfortable after surgery.

3D computer tomography

In view of the traditional dental X-ray photography obtained by the impact of tissue overlap, can not observe the actual situation within the physician often cause misjudgment, in order to solve this problem, you need dental dedicated 3D computer tomography; if the traditional medical Computer tomography, dental 3D computer tomography has many advantages, such as radiation dose is only the general computer fault of 1/50; mining posture (or sitting) photography, convenient mobility of patients; slice thickness of the general medical computer fault is 2.0 PCT, dental 3D computer tomography is only 0.1 mm, high resolution, compared to the general medical computer fault, the image of course, more meticulous and accurate.

Take a computer fault so that doctors can more accurately know each patient's dental condition, before surgery to do the treatment plan, not only reduce the medical risk of both sides, more importantly, to protect the patient's medical interests, patients have the right to enjoy better Medical equipment to do more accurate treatment.

Photodynamic power

As the laser beam has the characteristics of penetration and absorption, the appropriate wavelength and operation, help to reduce the pain of biological tissue, increase the softness. As well as postoperative healing of wounds caused by wound healing, such as implantation, extraction, and related oral surgery. Laser beam single point irradiation to promote wound recovery mode of operation, similar to traditional Chinese medicine "acupuncture". Chinese medicine believes that the needle or moxibustion (smoked wormwood) into the specific surface of the human body, help to overcome the meridian obstruction, strengthen the blood circulation. This practice and by low-energy laser irradiation, to promote wound healing or active bones, there is the same purpose.

Autograft bone powder machine

Using the Smart Dentin GrinderTM, you can get a clean, sterile autologous bone meal from the patient's own teeth in just six straight steps. Unplugged teeth or disengaged teeth are no longer useless waste, Now there are new ways to make your teeth effective!

WD 15 instrument washing machine

Different from the traditional manual cleaning equipment, we use WD15 automatic washing machine, and with a special dental equipment dedicated design, so that each device, each dental phone can be thoroughly 100% clean, only the most perfect Clean to have the most perfect sterilization results.

Getinge K7 + pre-vacuum sterilization pot

Wisdent dentists are the first to comply with the EU Dentistry Sterilization Requirements EN 13060 specification. The use of Class B pre-vacuum sterilization pot, to ensure that the most complex devices can be safe sterilization, and completely dry to ensure that during storage can also be sterile!

Gke BMS sterilization monitoring system, although we have chosen the world's first clean sterilization system, in order to allow you during the visit from the risk of infection, we choose the current domestic medical center adopted the most stringent way. Germany gke sterilization monitoring system to defend the quality of each device sterilization.

digital intraoral scanner

Surgical Dental Loupes

  • Crisp, High-Resolution Image
  • Multi-coated Achromatic Optics
  • Unique i-View Loupe Mount
  • Prismatic for highest magnification


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